The Digital Dilemma: Social Media Marketing or Email Marketing?

Digital media revolution

The fundamentals of advertising suggest that people react positively towards subtle, implicit and delicate appeals. If the ad content is in-the-face and attempts to hard-sell, consumers are bound to raise their guards. People shut themselves away from advertisements the moment they realize the underlying agenda. This makes an advertiser’s job difficult.

With the rise of the Internet and services related to it, marketing products have become more and more innovative. With Digital Marketing, we can always reach the consumer. Everyone is logged onto various Digital Media platforms all the time. This makes it possible for marketers to embed their sales pitch without alerting the consumer. Digital Marketing includes Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Banner Advertising, etc.

Social media for the social animal

Social media platforms have taken the world by storm. Statistics show that almost 34% of the world population use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. These platforms exist to create online communities and connect people using technology. The process of gaining attention to your business through these digital platforms is called social media marketing. This is extremely informal but can reach millions of people.

Social media marketing is unique because companies can approach celebrities or users with a large following to endorse their product. Some of these are paid campaigns. However, we often see that social media influencers talk about things that they receive as part of ‘PR packages’. Most people do not understand the difference and take things at face value. This benefits the company because these tactics often create awareness, credibility, positive brand image, and trust.

Email marketing for the tech savvy

Email marketing forms a major part of online marketing. It is a more formal way to communicate with the consumer. It means to send a commercial email to potential or current customers with recent updates. We often receive emails from services that we subscribe to like Amazon, Netflix, etc. informing us of their latest offers, products, and services. This gives a personal touch and makes the customer feel more satisfaction.

Social Media Marketing vs Email Marketing

Although both serve different purposes, we find that email marketing has a better impact when it comes to reaching, direct conversation, higher click rate, and better ROI. It is also easier to construct and maintain.

Social media serves the purpose of brand enhancement, higher engagement rate and creation of viral content. However, it is not reliable if the purpose is to convert a customer or creating consumer loyalty.

Thus, we conclude with the fact that email marketing can help a company set and achieve tangible goals.

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