Why Facebook Ads are better than Google Ads

There’s been a lot of debate in online business communities on which is better Facebook ads or Google’s AdWords. The truth of the matter is, it depends on what you’re doing with each of them.

You might find that one is better than the other for promoting your online business. But, many people choose Facebook ads and the reasons for that are quite clear. If you were going to select a platform to begin advertising on, then Facebook ads are the way to go. Here we’re going to talk about why that is and what you should expect when running your first few campaigns.

It’s all about targeting your customers

The people who you show your advertising to matter. You don’t want to waste your money on clicks that won’t convert. No one is saying that every click you buy will result in a sale. However, you can focus on the exact customer when advertising on Facebook.

Sure, when it comes to AdWords, you can choose the location where the person lives that will see your ad. You can also choose the type of device the user is using when displaying your ad. Though, this information isn’t enough.

That’s why Facebook ads are so great. They give you the chance to show your ads to only those who you think will buy. You get to select exactly who gets to see your ads.

Only a select few will see your ads

Who is best suited for the product or service that you’re promoting? Could it be moms who are over thirty? If so, then Facebook allows you to show your ad to just those people. What about moms who like watching a specific TV show? You can show your ads to those people.

There’s almost an endless amount of information you can sift through. It’s not a matter of showing your ad to as many people as possible. It’s all about showing your ad to the right person.

You want conversions and not only clicks. Facebook makes that possible because they allow you to target a specific group of people.

There are many different types of ads

Facebook allows you to show video and picture ads. Sure, you could go the YouTube route and show video ads. But, that’s a whole different can of worms. Facebook is the one-stop-shop for all of your advertising needs.

Not all things convert on Facebook, and you’ll have to keep that in mind. It might not be best to advertise a dentist office if you’re doing local SEO for a client. But, retail and online services do great using Facebook ads.

The ROI is high because you get to dial in the person who is best suited for the product or service.

Split test your ads and choose the winner

Just because Facebook allows you to narrow down who sees your ads doesn’t mean you don’t have to split test them. This is one hack that so many marketers seem not to understand.

You must split test every aspect of your ad and funnel to get the highest conversion rate possible. Split testing is necessary regardless of the advertising platform that you choose.

The points I discussed above are based on my personal experience, if you have something to add, let us know in the comments section below.

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